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LMD & Skeet - Just Believe

277 views 2 years ago
This is my favorite project, of all the projects. First, because I believe in the song. However the best part, all the models are mine, completely my video content. The music was the only part I cannot take credit for.

Music is LMD and Skeet: Just Believe
Check out Skeet's channel here:


Software used:
Blender http://www.blender.org/
OpenMovieEditor: http://www.openmovieeditor....

Thanks to Skeet for allowing me to make this video. I look forward to doing more in the future. I have come a long way, and it's because I am believing in my work now. It took only a few fans to encourage me, and I give a special thanks to those who posted encouraging comments. Please, if you like it, spread it around. If you have an honest opinion on it, add it to the comments please. Want to see more videos from me, please subscribe, I can't do these quickly yet, but I'm trying my best. Thanks everyone on Youtube, love you all.

Animator's technical notes:
Yes, I know about the "bin jacket" problem, as I now call it. I may have figured it out and this should be the last we see of it.
Also the ground texture in the strut scene ... I screwed up because I got lazy with it.
However, this video was my biggest challenge and I am VERY pleased with it. I broke several of my personal barriers making it, walk (strut) cycle and larger main scene. The main scene uncut and unedited was a total of 4500 frames, took my poor computer forever to apply some of the modifiers, entire days for each piece of clothing actually. Show less
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