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In The Name of Big Oil_Art Sterritt

385 views 2 months ago
HD Vimeo Version found Here: http://vimeo.com/95808870 Executive director of BC Coastal First Nations reminds supportive crowd at recent Defend our Climate Rally in Vancouver BC: "In the name of Big Oil" our current Harper government is dismantling all of the institutions which have been built over the last 150 years to show respect for our precious environment & the health and well-being of all living creatures. Art reminds the Christy Clark & Harper governments that Coastal First Nations has placed a Ban on Oil Tankers in the Great Bear Sea & should they try and continue with pipelines across First Nations Lands in BC, First nations peoples will stop them dead in their tracks. Please visit: http://www.coastalfirstnati... for an overview of issues being faced. Disclaimer: Audio SFX in this video and most others used under licence from Video Co-Pilot Show less
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"The Race to the Bottom". People's lives being destroyed in the name of progress or in the name of greed. It appears to be the case all too often that we have elected officials acting like dictators rather that what they are supposed to be "Public Representatives".
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Become Informed, not main stream media brainwashed.The truth is something that too many would prefer to avoid, (somewhat understandable). however; doing so only makes things worse for all of creatures on this planet. Stand Up before it is too late, irreversable damage is being done. In the name of Greed. Nothing else !
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