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  • Fortress Effect - "I'm Proud Of You"

    Just a newbie who try to learn to make film using Source Filmmaker.
    A recreation of the scene from the game Mass Effect 3, staring Demoman as dying Anderson and Soldier as Shepard. :D

    "I'm ...
  • Sam H

    • 32 videos
  • Mass Effect 3 - "I'm Proud of You" (Piano)

    • by Sam H
    • 2 years ago
    Composed & performed by Sam Hulick.
  • APP2 Encore: "Reunion / Cara Mia Addio"

    "La mia bambina cara, perché non passi lontana?"

    It's been a long time, Part 2. :D

    Actually this piece is made for collaboration project of a Portal animation, but due to his personal issue, he c...
  • Alright, you guys are so awesome that I'm going to do it. :D

    Say, if I want to fully orchestrated just one of these soundtracks, which one would you guys prefer? "Exile Vilify"? "Carra Mia Addio"? "Reconstructing More Science"? Or you have another one in your mind?

    A Portalicious PORTAL 2 Symphonic Orchestra Medley

    Hi guys! It's been a long time, I know. Sorry about that.
    The final symphonic Medley of Portal 2 of has been finished, hope you guys like it! :) Thanks for the suggestions and comments on the previ...
  • Gamers' Saladbowl Vol.1: "Kaze's Favorites"

    Hi guys. I have made a short orchestral mashup of themes and soundtracks from some of my favorite games of 2011:

    -"Main Theme" from "Mass Effect 3"
    -"Main Theme" from "The Elder Scrolls III: Morro...
  • Poisson d'Avril !

    • by Elarcis
    • 2 years ago
    HAHA ! Moi au moins je vous préviens que c'est un poisson d'Avril !

    Musique de Portal : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI-j9g8fGH4
  • Thanks Joe, it is very inspirational.

    Yet, I'm still finding the balance between my education and composing. Sometimes hard choice has to be made even though you love it so much, because like what you've said, "be realistic" has to come first. Good educational qualification will provide you basic needs to carry on your life in the future. So yeah, I has to be rational sometimes, even scarifying the thing that you wanted the most.

    Music Vlog 04-14-12: Composing Advice

    This week I decided to answer questions posed by a subscriber. I thought they raised some important issues that a lot of people might be thinking about. So I felt everyone should have an opportunit...
  • Airsoft Checklist

    This video describes how a brony prepared for an airsoft Skrim.
    Always wear safety glasses during a airsoft game.

    Music: "Battlefield 3 DRAMATIC MUSIC TO LEAP AHEAD_ _ ... by Lee Kaze"
    I do no...
  • Merry Xmas Joe! :) Wish you have a brand new exciting year of music adventure and all the best!

    Cherry Tree Chorale

    The traditional Cherry Tree Carol arranged for 4 recorders and 2 oboes.

    Visit Joe's Website:

    Joe's Music on iTunes:
  • Sound brilliant! I love the variations and how they move to one another, like telling a story. If this is a standalone piano score, I suggest that you can do more variations on the base staff, instead of block chords. However if this is an piano part of a filmscore, I think this is amazing enough! Great job!

    Untitled - A Composition

    I finally finished one of my compositions. Enjoy!
  • Congratulation Joe! The theme you made sounds wonderful! Good luck!

    Music Vlog 12-02-11: Zenoids Semi-Finals, Gift of the Elk

    Check out the top 40 entries in the Zenoids Main Title Music Contest!
    (alpha by first name, so I'm with the other J's)

    The G...
  • Finally! :D

    John Dreamer - Battlefield 3 EPIC MUSIC "IT'S TIME"

    - music by John Dreamer

    A rather old piece I composed after watching Battlefield 3 - Fault Line Episode II in March 2011. The finishing touch really ressembles Battlefield Theme ^^
    I hope you guys...
  • Battlefield 3 DRAMATIC MUSIC "...TO LEAP AHEAD" by Kaze Lee

    - music by Kaze Lee

    *NOTICE* This is the reuploaded version to fix the distortion and sound quality. Hope it went well this time. The previous version - "watch?v=R2P-NcU8qt0" will be deleted. I'm ...
  • That's brilliant. :D

    I have a question. At some parts, like 1:29 (refer to the staves of GUIDE and 2nd Violin), why you changed the quaver triplets to semi quaver triplets? Is there any feeling you want to express by doing this?

    Music Vlog 08-26-11 : Composition Part 4 : Orchestration (Strings)

    Welcome to the first part of step 4: Orchestration! This week Joe creates the string parts from his guide track and discusses the specifics of what he did and how he got there. If you can't make ...
  • "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" (Exciting Scream)

    I'm sucks at naming things, but still I'm going put my two cents in. :D

    How about... "Rise of Phobos"? Eh, I know it's wierd. But the melody make me think of Trojon War for some reason.

    Music Vlog: 08-19-11: Composition Part 3: Arranging

    While "Arranging" isn't quite the right term, Part 3 in this short series of in depth composition discussion focuses on Joe expanding on the melody utilizing existing motivic material. It might no...
  • Thanks, like always. :)

    Music Vlog 08-12-11: Composition Part 2: Harmony

    Part 2 in a short series of more in depth composition talks, Joe discusses some of the properties of harmony and adds bass and an inner voice to a short tune. Next week, Arranging!

    Watch Part 1:...
  • Thank you! And the melody is SWEET, can't wait to hear when it get completely orchestrated!

    Music Vlog 08-05-11: Composition Part 1: Melody

    In this first in a short series of more in depth composition talks, Joe discusses some of the properties of melody and composes a short tune. Next week, Harmony!

    Visit Joe's Website:
  • Best among the rest. :D

    [Portal 2] Exile Vilify - Fan Music Video

    Been hard working on this for 5 days (which is why it doesn't look as polished as Want You Gone), I finished it on time but I didn't make it to the deadline because of some uploading problems.


    Dedicated this piece of work to Jit Sin Philharmonic Orchestra, all the best in the marching band competition! :D

    -"Jit Sin High School Anthem"
    -"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

    Done t...
  • @Tojeczek So you don't like happy thing? :D Just kiddin, I made EV become like this because I want to make a different when come to reaarrange it into symphonic orchestra. Because I thought that if I directly and seamlessly throw whatever appears in the original song into the orchestral mix, it would sound boring, since almost everyone here have already listen the song thousands times before. Anyway, thanks for checking out my song! :)

    A Portalicious PORTAL 2 Symphonic Medly *demo*

    I love the game PORTAL 2 by Valve so much and I knew I must not do nothing about it. :D

    -"Reconstructing Science"
    -"You Know Her"
    -"Exile Vilify" by The National
    -"Turret Wife Seren...
  • Yes sir!

    Music Vlog_07-22-11: Orchestration Chat

    Joe talks about an event featuring Michael Giacchino, and starts to ramble a bit about orchestration.

    Handy little reference books on orchestration, notation, music and rhyming (I rarely use the...

    Hi everyone! Christmas is coming, so I decided to do a mix of my favorite Youtube infamous viral music videos of all-time and some christmas songs. Perhaps this is your very first christmas present...
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