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Jon Danzig

Jon Danzig on BBC: 'My career as a writer/director'

1,430 views 3 years ago
Jon Danzig talks on BBC radio about his career as a photo-journalist and film maker, including the time he was locked up with crocodiles in Florida and the success of his video series, 'People Power at Work'.
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Jon Danzig directs: 'People Power' Play

This series of videos called 'People Power at Work' helped to persuade hundreds of organisations, and thousands of their staff, to adopt a People Power culture and achieve the presitgious Investors in People standard.

As Producer, Writer and Director of the series, I also ensured that I invested in the best people to make the films with me. For example, Elena Zokas as production manager, who went on to be production co-ordinator for the James Bond films and then many other films as production manager.

Also, Caroline Garrett, who joined my team part-time as a media student and who went on to be a brilliant film animator. And of course I chose some of the best presenters and reporters, such as Beverley Ashworth, Allan Hargreaves, Sue Lawley, John Humphrys, Marie McCarthy and the late Brian Rehead; and the best film crews, including the brilliant lighting cameraman, Richard Day, and in earlier films, David Higgs and Ray Nicholson, and online editor, Jonathan Bravo. So, I know from personal experience that investing in people pays off..

Jon Danzig on the BBC Play

Radio broadcasts and interviews by Jon Danzig on the BBC

Jon Danzig directs: 'People Power Success Stories' Play

Hundreds of organisations, large and small and across all sectors, have gained dramatic successes by deveoping their People Power and achieving the Investors in People standard.

These video segments provide graphic evidence that investing in people really does work. The videos were used to compile customised versions of the People Power at Work main video programmes.

Produced, written and directed by Jon Danzig, with a team of some of the best people in the industry.
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