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JibJab 2013 Year in Review: "What A Year!"

2,267,635 views 7 months ago
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How will Obamacare affect our nation? Did the NSA Scandal reveal a gross violation of our rights? And what exactly DOES the Fox say? A lot of twerk went into making 2013 a year we'll never forget, so enjoy Miley, Pope Francis, and even Carlos Danger in #WhatAYear: JibJab's 2013 Year in Review!

2013: What A Year - LYRICS

So long, Two Thousand Thirteen!
It's time to send you on your way
With your chaos in Egypt, drones in Pakistan,
The spying NSA!
A sequester and then a shutdown...
Obamacare was finally here!
Crack-smoking mayors,
Carlos Danger!
Twenty-Thirteen, what a year!

The pope said, "Arrivederci!"
We decided it's okay for gays to wed!
North West and then a royal baby...
We really knocked 'em dead!
New iPhones and Harlem Shaking...
I got my twerkin' butt in gear!
My empire grew bigger.
I said ni---BEEEP!
Twenty-Thirteen, what a year!

Hey, what's the holdup?
I'm a TV actor.
Well, I'm a rock star.
I transformed a nation.
Show off!

Blockbuster, Batkid, Grand Theft Auto,
And the fox said, "Fraka-ka-ka-kaka-kow!!!"
Floods and typhoons and twisters,
They filled us all with dread and fear!

There was way more than we can even say.
Now it's the end.
Twenty-Thirteen, what a year!

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