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Dress Up JemmaKuma | 1st Outfits Video

18,487 views 3 months ago
Many people ask where I get my clothes, so here I put together an Outfits Video in the style of a dress up game! You like dress up games, don't you? :3

This was my entry for Cosmates Video Contest 2014!
It won the Gold Award (1st place)..!!
Thank you to all who entered and congrats to the other award winners! Thank you Cosmates for this opputunity!
Cosmates is a website that sells Japanese costumes, punk, lolita, maid outfits, school uniforms, and much more from Japan, shipped worldwide!
See my video being featured on their site:

☆COMEDY CHANNEL:☆ http://www.youtube.com/user...
♡JEMMAKUMA FB PAGE:♡ http://www.facebook.com/Jem...
☆JEMMINEM FB PAGE:☆ http://www.facebook.com/jem...
♡JEMMAKUMA TWITTER:♡ https://twitter.com/JemmaKuma
☆JEMMINEM TWITTER:☆ https://twitter.com/RealJem...
♡NICONICO:♡ http://www.nicovideo.jp/use...
☆JEMMINEM TUMBLR:☆ http://jemminemblog.tumblr....
♡JEMMAKUMA TUMBLR:♡ http://jemmakuma.tumblr.com/
☆INSTAGRAM:☆ http://instagram.com/jemma....

Outfit Pieces:
1. Sailor top from http://dollydynamite.com/
Sailor skirt from http://storenvy.com/
Shoes from Payless
2. Varsity cardigan from Target
Black circle skirt form Target
Combat boots from Macy's
3. Blouse from http://cosmates.jp/
Pink sweater vest from http://cosmates.jp/ made by Clearstone
Black pleated skirt from Forever21
Ribbon tie from http://www.bodyline.co.jp/
Shoes from Payless
4. Dress from http://keqilinfuzhuang.taob...
Skort from http://keqilinfuzhuang.taob...
Shoes from Etiquette
Tights from Fred Meyers
5. Sailor coat from http://spreepicky.storenvy....
Combat boots form Macy's
6.Button-up from Forever21
Blazer from Forever21
Ribbon tie from http://www.conomi.jp/
Skirt from http://www.conomi.jp/
Shoes from SODA
7. Shirt from Forever21
Skirt from Forever21
Tights from Fred Meyers
Shoes from SODA
8. Seifuku costume from http://cosmates.jp/ made by Clearstone
Shoes from http://www.rakuten.com/ Show less
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