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The Best of Izziekakarot! [Channel Birthday Montage]

245 views 2 years ago
Thank you to everyone for supporting me and a big thank you to everyone who gave me help with this video. Been a year of big highs and big lows, Thank you for all the support and sorry for the inactivities. Here's to the second year eh?!
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Sunday Specials! Play

The main feature for my channel, It's the Sunday Specials! These are my videos that feature something different from the norm.
Such as, Multi-person commentaries and requested games I've not played yet.
I sometimes use Sunday Special to debut a new series.

A Look At Play

This series is where I take a look at Indie games - It's not a review and most of them are not technically first impressions either. I show what the games about and talk about the developers a little.
PLEASE NOTE - The early ones are of poorer quality, Due to me still being new to this and insanely nervous.
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