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IDA Ireland

What makes Ireland great, makes Ireland great for business, 30 seconds

3,346 views 1 year ago
The new tv ad from IDA shows how Irish culture and heritage have had a positive effect on Ireland's corporate environment, making it a great place for business- in short, What makes Ireland great, makes Ireland great for business.

Looking for more information on investing in Ireland? Click here: http://bit.ly/10KTi2j Show less
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Invest in Ireland Play

Connect and Invest' is a digital marketing initiative for attracting inward investment by highlighting the specific attributes of individual regional urban centres.


IDA Ireland Marketing Play

IDA Ireland has launched a new major marketing campaign.
Its theme is Ireland's ability to supply the fresh thinking and creativity which innovation needs to flourish. It stresses the part that the people of Ireland can play in making innovation happen.
Ireland, is the place where innovation comes naturally

Emerging Business Play

More and more high growth companies are locating their operations in Ireland. What draws them is the exciting commercial and creative mix on offer, which is ideally suited for their ambitions.
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