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Intelligent Design Collection Trailer

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This documentary trilogy presents the scientific case for intelligent design. UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF LIFE reveals compelling evidence for design at the level of molecules and cells. The PRIVILEGED PLANET explores the depths of the cosmos in a memorable search for purpose in the universe. DARWIN'S DILEMMA considers the geologically-sudden appearance of dozens of major complex animal types in the fossil record without any trace of the gradual transitional steps Charles Darwin had predicted.
The DVD is available for purchase now - visit www.illustramedia.com for more information.Use Coupon Code YTIM15 to save 15%! Show less
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Unlocking the Mystery of Life, The Privileged Planet, The Case for a Creator, Illustra Media 3-DVD Set, The Cambrian Explosion

The Case for a Creator with Lee Strobel Play

Based upon the New York Times best-seller by former Chicago Tribune reporter Lee Strobel, this documentary examines the origin of life and the universe through the discoveries of 21st century biology, physics, cosmology, and astronomy. Strobel interviews scientists and scholars from a wide range of disciplines. Brought to you by the Producer, www.IllustraMedia.com.

The Privileged Planet Play

This award-winning documentary explores our planet, galaxy, and universe in search of the best scientific explanations for their origin and design. Is the Earth a meaningless speck of dust lost in a vast cosmic ocean?
Or, was our planet created for a purpose by a transcendent intelligence? Brought to you by the Producer, www.IllustraMedia.com.

Unlocking the Mystery of Life Play

Is life on Earth the product of purely undirected processes like time, chance and natural selection? Or, can the origin and diversity of living organisms be traced to an intelligent cause? Unlocking the Mystery of Life explores these timeless questions and presents compelling evidence to support an idea that could revolutionize scientific thought - the theory of intelligent design. Brought to you by the Producer, www.IllustraMedia.com.
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