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  • An AntiMartyr Update

    • 4 months ago
    Just stopping by to say hello.
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    Battlefield 4 gameplay with HolyNite451

    • 8 months ago
    Battlefield 4 gameplay from 11/5/2013. Highlights and mostly bloopers.
  • My cell phone is far more powerfull than any of the current generation game consoles! XD

  • Call of Nobody Cares Anymore! Rated T for TWEEN!

  • Be wary of game reviews given by youtubers who are COD fanboys and commentators. They are the most biased and the least experienced when it comes to games and reviews.

  • I'm so tired of all of these crap games that have been coming out. So I decided to play MGS4 again last night and all I can say is...PURE MASTERPIECE!

  • No more posting gameplay of any kind for me. Most people cant have a conversation about ANY game without first comparing it to a PS3 ecxlusive...and then bashing it. Silly little fanboys...you make the youtubes a retarded place to visit.

  • The more "news" that zipper shares about Socom 4...the more I start to think that Socom Confrontation wasnt that bad.

  • "Accessible". This is the term that game developers and publishers are now using to describe the dumbed down, casualized games they are trying to push. The handicap stall in a public restroom is very "accessible"...but I still dont use it.

  • HEY! EVERYONE! Go to my channel page...watch the video...and thumbs that shit up!

  • Crysis 2 is pure CRAP! EA should have know better than to give cloak (invisibilty) to consolites...Comparable to giving liquor and firearms to to small children. They cant handle the responsibility.

  • Sorry if I block you. Even sorrier that you cant respect my right ot bear arms.

  • "Land of the free...Home of the brave." You see how that works? I know that its hard for some people to understand that freedom reqires responsibility. Freedom is reserved for the brave. Why? because being free is alot more challenging than just letting others tell you what you can and cant do.

  • Why are the majority of games sensitive, emasculated little people who base their entire identity...their entire being off of the media(s) that they mindlessly mass consome?

  • I dont want to LOAD MORE VIDEOS! I just want my old box that contained videos uploaded by people that I subscibe to! I guess I'm going to have to delete my entire friends list in order to see only the uploads that I subscribe to!

  • Where are my comments? My messages? The little drop down box at the top doesn't do jack shit!

  • Alienware...Take a Dell XPS and slap a stupid looking case on it...

  • Why would I want to play Call of Duty when I can turn on my PS3 and play Call of Dookie insead?

  • Hats off ot Treyarch and Sony. They have already done several server end fixes to Black Ops on the PS3. I am happty to say that the game is looking and running pretty good on the PS3 now. COD + Dual Shock 3 = WIN WIN WIN!

  • FRAME RATE ISSUES ON BLACK OPS FOR PS3? Go into your display settings and DISABLE 1080p and 1080i. Only select 720p and 480p. This will give you a more consistant frame rate in Black Ops. The PS3 upscaling the image to 1080 is what is causing the frame rate issue. Treyarch and Sony are working on a patch but this should give you some releif in the meantime. Hope it helps...it did for me!

  • PLEASE! Stop PM'ing and sending me chat invites WHILE I'M IN GAME! Had it ever occured to you that I am trying to play the game? Another thing...I'm not your personal authority on all things gaming related. GOOGLE IT BITCHES! You wont take my for it anyway! Bought a Tritton? Good for you! Bought Black Ops for the PS3? GOOD FOR YOU! See how that works? Good for YOU...not for ME. Do we have an understanding now or am I just going to have to delete all of you?

  • Microsoft needs to hire some new graphic design artists for its web adds/banners. They look like advertisements for pharmeceuticals.

  • The best part about it is knowing that it ruined his entire weekend! lol

  • It only needed to be up long enough for a few people to see it. ;)

  • Please dont sub me because you think I'm some sort of "360 guy". I dont give a rats ass about your nerdsole war.

  • Another youtube pet peeve of mine:

    People who send a message or leave a comment that reads like this:

    "i just subbed u. sub me back."

    I'm sorry...but thats not how it works.

  • Microsoft + billions of dollars = They dont care about their customers.

    Sony + Billions of dollars = They really care about their customers.

    Can someone please explain how this works?

  • So this guy sends me a PM. "I dont understand your gaming choices. How can you like an awesome game like Uncharted 2 and still game on the 360?" Well...Lets just say that its really easy WHEN YOU HAVE BOTH SYSTEMS.

  • I think its going to be an UNCHARTED 2 night tonight!

  • I could play Halo Reach or I could listen to fanboys preach. I think I'll just go play Halo Reach!

  • Fourteen subscribers. Thats how many subscribers I lost after the bulletin that I sent out yesterday. Who ever would have thought that taking out the trash would be so easy. ;)

  • If you break it down...XBOX live costs less than five dollars a month. Think about it. Thats about the cost of a value meal at McDonalds.

  • All of the yardwork is done! That leaves all day tomorrow for beer, BBQ, family time...and gaming! Oh yeah! life is good!

  • Have a great weekend peeps!

  • I'm having to much fun playing my PC, PS3, and XBOX 360 to care about which system you think is best.

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