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I Use This App

App Reviews - Best Apps For iPhone and Android

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Welcome To I Use This App. The best channel to get your fill of the latest and greatest apps for your iOS and android devices. We review the newest apps to show you a quick sexy overview. We will highlight the features and flaws of each app we review. From the top free and paid apps to newest up comers we have you covered @iusethisapp!

If you are looking for unbiased app discovery then you will love our channel! Be sure to subscribe now and enter into our Monthly App prize drawing! Ran every month we select 2 of our iusethisapp fans, 1 Apple and 1 Android fan are randomly selected to win a gift card for each respective app store! We love our fans so keep those views and likes coming in and as always hit the subscribe button if you haven't already done so!

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App Trailers - Official App Trailers - Best Apps Play

The Best App Trailers for iOS and Android. You will find all featured apps here from games and utilities to cooking apps! This playlist is a chance to see brand spankin new apps that have just been released or even up and coming titles with future release dates!

Tips and Tricks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Play

Mobile Tutorials,Tips and Tricks for your iOS device. From the previous versions of iOS to the current iOS7 we have you covered on all the tips, tricks and how to's for your iOS7 Device. The newest update changed things around and some people have been asking us "How To:" so here is a playlist to run through and familiarize yourself with your device.

Candy Crush Saga Gameplay Play

Full Gameplay walkthroughs on every level of candy crush saga. If you are looking to beat every level on candy crush saga with a 3 star performance this is the playlist for you.
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