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This Is Genius

This is Genius is back!

4,166 views 3 months ago
This is Genius. Amazing facts, brilliant sketches, incredible reports and so much more. Check out the rest of our channel, subscribe and enjoy!

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This is Genius is a channel dedicated to experiencing the unusual side of life. Comedy, sketches and tongue-in cheek location reports from around the world.

We use a lot of music by a chap called StoneOcean, a little label for him appears in our videos when we do. Like his stuff? Check out his channel.

StoneOcean's music: www.stoneocean.info
StoneOcean's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user...

Check out some of our other videos:

http://bit.ly/17XvmhO -- We get our skate on with Nitro Circus
http://bit.ly/17WrAQr -- Flying a helicopter with your brain. And no hands.
http://bit.ly/1au5kBI -- How many pegs can I fit on my face?
http://bit.ly/1hiqln1 - What's it like to be 80 for the day?
http://bit.ly/17UnFXE -- We went to actual Tokyo to be actual Samurai's with the actual green power ranger.

Looking for the old This is Genius? Ok, here you are:

http://bit.ly/195Zhzb -- That was Genius 2012
http://bit.ly/1jKjFeo -- That was Genius late 2011
http://bit.ly/1jKjGPt -- That was Genius early 2011
http://bit.ly/Ih6WEp -- That was Genius late 2010
http://bit.ly/1dB3F0O -- That was Genius early 2010 Show less
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