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What do I Get with IMSD?

1,581 views 1 year ago
Join Community Manager and Instructor Chad Hyams as he quickly walks you through what you get when you become a member of the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD). Learn more at www.IMSD.net http://imsd.net/pricing Show less
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What IMSD Members are Saying... Play

This some of the positive feedback that we are hearing from members of the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation.

37 Ways to Not Suck at Real Estate Play

Join Ben Kinney, founder of the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation, as he takes a no holds barred look at how NOT to suck at selling real estate.

The only guarantee we can make for this call is that at least 25% of Realtors will be offended by the content. The remaining 75% of our audience, those with an open mind and a quirky sense of humor, will walk away with surprising new ideas that are going to reshape the way they manage their real estate business.

Ben has taken online lead generation to a new level by developing real estate marketing systems that are repeatable, trackable, and cost efficient. He lead his team to almost 700 listings in 2010, so the insight offered during this call is from a guy who is walking the walk of a real estate agent, broker, and owner in our industry.
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