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ILC Dover

ILC Dover

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Over 65 years of our company's experience and stories told in minutes.

Powder Containment Play

ILC Dover supports the Pharmaceutical and BioPharmaceutical industries with disposable systems engineered to contain powder transfers from cGMP to nanogram levels. Hundreds of successful installations world wide since 1998, to support cost effective manufacturing every day with applications ranging from single use transfers to multi-use flexible enclosures.

Our standard and custom engineered solutions have been proven to:

- Improve profitability by reducing capital and cleaning costs
- Reduce the time to get your end product to market
- Reliably support operations from research and development through production

Personal Protection Play

We have designed and produced products for chemical and biological protection since the mid 1970's.

Our competencies developed by designing and producing NASA's space suits help assure the utmost in reliable protection for biolab scientists, US military troops, and federal employees.
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