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Resetting Option to View File Extensions in Windows 7

5,496 views 2 years ago
In Windows 7 file extensions are hidden by default. But SAS, SPSS and Stata need to see the file extension to run setup files. This short tutorial shows you how to reset the file extension option in Windows, so your setup files will run properly.

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ICPSR User Support - Using Setup Files Play

This playlist includes tutorials on using a set-up file to read data into SPSS, SAS, and Stata. It also has a webinar on how to write a syntax file to read data into SPSS.

ICPSR User Support - View File Extensions Option in Windows Play

These tutorials will show you how to reset the option to view file extensions in Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP which allows ICPSR set-up files to run in SAS, SPSS, and Stata.

ICPSR User Support - Using SDA, includes webinar on SDA Play

This playlist includes instruction on using SDA. The series begins with an overview of SDA, and shows how to accomplish crosstabs and frequencies, and how to subset using the tool. Also, a webinar on SDA is a part of the playlist.

In-depth with ICPSR Play

The In-Depth with ICPSR Webinar Series provides a thorough presentation of data services and training offered by ICPSR.

Topics include a general orientation to ICPSR, an orientation to ICPSR for OR/DRs, educational and instructional resources, and data discovery, exploration, and sharing.

Webinar presenters are Membership and Marketing Director Linda Detterman and Instructional Resources Director, Lynette Hoelter
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