Hungary - Hungarian Tourist Board, Budapest

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Hungary - Hungarian Tourist Board, Budapest

Think Hungary -- More than expected

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Budapest Play

Budapest looks its most beautiful at dawn. As the sun slowly rises over the eastern plains, bathing Pest in soft pastel hues, it radiates back from the buildings of Buda as if they were a giant mirror; the windows on Castle Hill positively glisten in golden jubilation.

Spa and wellness Play

Hungarian water is not just for splishing and splashing it can be soothing too. The country is blessed with an abundance of natural thermal springs, which emerge at a temperature of 86°F/30°C and are full of salts and minerals.

Lake Balaton Play

Nobody quite knows who first declared themselves in love with Lake Balaton. Perhaps a poet, or a traveler, but it's a fact that from the start of the 19th Century onwards, more and more statements like this are recorded. First in beautiful prose, then in newspaper articles, nowadays in virtually everyday speech. For those who haven't been yet it is hard to understand the attraction to Lake Balaton. If we want to educate them, then for every question there is an answer.
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