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Hubble Space Telescope

The X Factor: Behind the Webb

1,917 views 6 days ago
The James Webb Space Telescope is being tested at a number of facilities, including some operated by NASA. One of these locations is in Huntsville, Alabama, at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Engineers are repurposing a test chamber originally built to test another one of NASA's Great Observatories, the Chandra X-ray Observatory. 15 years ago, Chandra was launched into space and continues to be a vital contributor to our understanding of the universe. "Behind the Webb" host Mary Estacion takes us to Marshall to check out how Webb and Chandra share a common bond. Show less
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Hubble's Universe Unfiltered - HubbleSite Play

Hubble's Universe Unfiltered is a collection of video podcasts. Each episode offers an in-depth explanation of the latest news story or image from the Hubble Space Telescope, presented by astronomer Frank Summers. Learn more at hubblesite.org.
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