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Zombies from HELL

9,506 views 5 months ago
Kill Zombies. Win Prizes. Play the world's first 3D interactive game on a pizza box with Hell Pizza.

Zombies from Hell uses Augmented Reality technology to overlay the game's playing platform (a cityscape of Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch) on top of a HELL double pizza box when the game detects that you're pointing your phone or tablet at the 'target image' (the specially designed image on top of the box).

Download the game for free from the App Store or Google Play.

For more info go to www.hell.co.nz/zombiesfromhell Show less
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Active in Hell Play

One of the biggest challenges those with an intellectual disability face is other people's perception of what they can and can't do. Hell is challenging these perceptions with the introduction of an eight-week training and graduation programme that will see a group of Project Active youth learn and master the key skills required in a busy pizza store. It is intended that this programme will provide them with skills and experience for future employment.

HELL has documented their involvement with Project Active in a way that highlights how young people with intellectual disabilities can contribute to our communities through opportunity and encouragement. Join us next week and watch more of the story unravel....
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