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He-Man - YouTube Channel TRAILER

83,535 views 8 months ago
James Eatock will be working alongside Classic Media in order to bring the fans new exclusive content for this OFFICIAL He-Man and the Masters of the Universe channel! Alongside the episodes themselves, there will be clips shows, trivia, top ten videos, never-before-seen footage, all-new episode commentaries, encyclopedic A-Z videos, animatics, slideshows featuring episode development artwork...and even the chance that content may extend beyond the cartoon itself. Plus the channel will be encouraging interactivity! Subscribe, like, share, all that jazz, in order to spread the word! And have no fear, She-Ra won't be far behind... Show less
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Commentaries Play

He-Man aficionado James Eatock provides commentaries for each and every episode of the series. Full of trivia, behind the scenes information, and his own personal views on the show.

Trivia Play

In each of these in-depth videos James Eatock highlights a specific fact about the series that you may or may not know.

Hee-Hee-Man Play

These newly-created videos see the heroes and villains of Eternia presented in a truly unique and, at times, bizarre way!

Behind the Scenes Play

Rarely seen footage, deleted scenes, animation art, storyboards, scripts, and a great deal more are available in this section.

Music from Eternia Play

Although some tracks were officially released back in the eighties, this channel presents (for the first time ANYWHERE) the many musical scores in their entirety that were never given an official release.
Here we present the TOP 30 episodes from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series. These episodes have been selected by James Eatock, writer of The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man. Are these your favorites? If so, please like and share amongst your friends...we'd love to hear your comments!

Minisodes Play

For the fan on the go, enjoy the action and adventure of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe with these 5 minute condensed episodes!
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