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Dawn Patrol 1985 [MP] (NATO)

118 views 2 months ago
After-Action Report for the Dawn Patrol 2015 scenario between Angle of Attack and Herman Hum

It is impossible to know which videos viewers may have already seen so some game concepts, strategies, and bugs discussed within this video have been previously covered in other videos. Show less
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Harpoon Classic and Harpoon3 Comparison Play

Basic Overview and Differences between the Harpoon Classic Commanders' Edition and Harpoon3 versions of the game

Multi-lingual support kindly provided by:
Mario Fernandez (a.k.a. CaptPiluso) - Español
Ole Martin Christensen (a.k.a. GorduzBackStabber) - Norsk

Installing the PlayersDB Play

Installation instructions for the PlayersDB to any of the three currently available editions of computer Harpoon. Download the appropriate installation file for the version of the game you own.

Game tutorial Play

Nine detailed game lessons for Harpoon 3 (a.k.a. v3.6.3), ANW (a.k.a. v3.9.4), and HUE (a.k.a. v3.10)

Alpha Strike - Dragon's Jaw bridge Play

Sample scenario of Thanh Hoa depicting an Alpha Strike by CV Kitty Hawk Carrier Air Group [CAG] against Thanh Hoa [Dragon's Jaw] bridge with Harpoon3 and Harpoon Classic.

This scenario is also played with Harpoon Classic so that viewers can compare the differences between the Harpoon Classic and Harpoon3 game versions.

After-Action Reports for Beginners Play

This playlist contains After-Action Reports that may be more suitable for beginners. All After-Action videos discuss tactics and game features, but these videos tend to go into more detail with regards to the game functions than other videos.

Other Wargames: Steam and Iron Play

After-Action Reports for other wargames: Steam and Iron
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