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Palast's Vultures and Vote Rustlers - Official Trailer

16,290 views 7 months ago
BBC's gonzo investigative reporter Greg Palast busts the billionaires and ballot bandits who would pick our next President--in his new 1-hour film on DVD (or download): Vultures and Vote Rustlers. (Get it at www.GregPalast.com) The no-BS reports for BBC and Democracy Now--undercover, under arrest, under the skin of the ultra-rich. "Great fun" (New Yorker). "Courageous reporting" (Michael Moore). From underneath the Deepwater Horizon to the bogus ballot boxes of Ohio, in disguise and in hot water, Palast and his detective crew will make you laugh as hard as you scream in anger. Download it or get the DVD from the not-for-profit Palast Investigative Fund. www.GregPalast.com Katherine Harris says, "Palast is twisted and maniacal" -- so let's twist again with Palast.

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BBC's Greg Palast's crew of journalist-detectives chase down British Petroleum bag men, CIA operatives, nuclear power con men----and "The Vultures," billionaire financial speculators who, through bribery, flim-flam and political muscle, take entire nations hostage for mega-profits.

The action begins when the Deepwater Horizon explodes in the Gulf of Mexico and a confidential cable arrives on Miss Badpenny's desk from a terrified insider. He has the real, hushed-up facts of the disaster----which can only be found hidden in the files of a Central Asian dictatorship.

Palast sets off for Baku to investigate the sexiest Muslim woman on Earth and the whereabouts of millions of dollars in a brown valise. Then he jumps the globe to an Alaska Eskimo village after receiving an extraordinary note from the Chief of Intelligence of the Free Republic of the Arctic.

Along the way, Palast gets drunk, gets sober, gets laid, gets arrested. It's pulp non-fiction. Columbo with marital issues and a dying father.
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