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How To Make A Video

32,297 views 9 months ago
Explore the captivating magic of video with GoAnimate, the world's #1 do-it-yourself animated video creation platform: http://goanimate.com

With simple drag and drop, point and click, cloud-based tools, GoAnimate enables you - yes, even you - to create your own animated videos.

Animated video can spice up your content, spare your budget, and save tons of your time. It can add humor, defy laws of gravity for the sake of storytelling, and illustrate complex concepts.

Download videos as .mp4s, publish directly to video hosting and social media sites, or grab an embed code to easily publish to your courseware authoring tool or LMS of choice - easily.

Making a video shouldn't be a drag. It should be drag and drop!

**This video was created using the Business Friendly theme in GoAnimate. Get started making your own here: http://goanimate.com/busine... Show less
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Make Amazing Animated Videos Easily - http://GoAnimate.com.
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