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Corporate / Commercial Reel for Businesses - Demo Reel - Go2 Productions

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Need a TV commercial or product awareness video produced? Contact us now!
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2013 Demo Reel. Sit back turn up the volume and enjoy!
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Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy! Video marketing key to attract customers. Online video allows you to demonstrate your products, explain processes, engage and educate your audience & promote your brand. A great video can be used with social networks to spread your message worldwide. Video production for your business also has huge SEO benefits. Include motion graphics or 3D animation videos on your website or YouTube channel. Show less
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TV Commercials Play

Television commercials range in length from 15, 30, 60 & 120 seconds up to 30 minute infomercials.

Advertisements of this sort have been used to sell every product imaginable over the years, from household products to goods and services, even political campaigns. We aim to generate sustained appeal with every commercial we create, which may remain in the minds of television viewers long after the span of the advertising campaign.

Consider using humor as a tool in your marketing campaigns. Many psychological studies demonstrate the effect of humor and indicate the way it empowers advertising persuasion.

3D animation and motion graphics are two extremely powerful techniques we can use in producing your TV commercial. By using 3D animation and motion graphic scenes, an advertisement can have a certain appeal that is difficult to achieve with actors or product displays. It is for this reason, an animated advertisement (or a series of such advertisements) can be very long-running, several decades in many instances.

With the additional capability to mix high quality 3D animation and visual effects with live action, using a green screen & industry standard compositing software, the options for us to produce memorable and successful advertising spots for you are endless.

Contact www.Go2Productions.com/contact for a free consultation with an account manager to find out how we can produce a great web video for your business.

Corporate Videos For Business Play

Today, people want to SEE who you are, EXPERIENCE your brand & LEARN about you quickly, rather than trawling through pages of SEO rich text entries.

Go2 Productions takes great care in making your corporate video production something your organization can be proud of. We have produced hundreds of engaging, motivating and brand consistent corporate videos for many high profile organizations such as Estee Lauder, Ocean's and Teekay Shipping.

Contact www.Go2Productions.com/contact for a free consultation with an account manager to find out how we can produce a great corporate video for your business.

3D Modeling and Animation Play

3D animation can be extremely powerful as a marketing format. Many brands have turned to creating completely animated commercials instead of using actors for many reasons. An animated commercial can do things that live action couldn't possible do and in some cases can be much more cost effective. Whether you're looking for high impact animated content or realistic products & environments, we guarantee you will be extremely satisfied with our work.

3D animation can be used to explain how things work that cannot possibly be filmed traditionally, particularly mechanical processes or hidden elements such as the inside of an engine or a human body. it can be used to envision things that are not currently there like a proposed high rise building or airport. Or it can simply be used to engage and entertain your audience in ways never before possible.

Technical and Industrial Animations.
Go2 Productions specializes in producing engaging high quality animated videos that involve technical animation, engineering animation, industrial animation and aerospace animation. If you have a complex process that you need to explain to your audience, then Go2 Productions can help you.

Contact www.Go2Productions.com/contact for a free consultation with an account manager to find out how we can produce a great 3D animation for your business.

3D Projection Mapping - Architectural Video Mapping Play

Modern Day Fireworks!
Video mapping animated content onto a structure or building has become very popular for larger brands and corporate events. 3D projection mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can transform almost any surface into a dynamic video display. A combination of very specialized software is used to accurately interpret the surface, animate the surface in 3D space and then to warp and mask the projected image back on to the building or structure, using state of the art hardware, to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped surfaces. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection.

Besides drawing huge crowds at the actual event, each projection we do will eventually live on YouTube, Vimeo, blogs and be instantly passed around virally, through the most popular social networks such as Twitter & Facebook over and over again, giving you even more free exposure to your brand and product. The ROI on this can be insane. Views can easily get up into the hundreds of thousands and even millions of views very quickly due to the entertainment level and jaw dropping visual effects we create for each unique event.

Contact www.Go2Productions.com/contact for a free consultation with an account manager to find out how we can produce a great projection mapping event for your brand.
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