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One of the most famous Spanish songs Ever (El Porompompero)-( Guitar Lesson. ) P1

2,725,987 views 6 years ago
TABS are available right here: http://adf.ly/pnQvV
You asked for more Flamenco Lessons and especially Rumbas. Well... Here is a small song that a made up and combined with a famous sounding song just for you guys.

God Bless~
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'20' Beginner Guitar Lessons~ Play

Hello my Guitar Friend!

And ~Welcome~ to your first Guitar steps! :}

Here I gathered 20 Guitar Video Lessons that by my own humble opinion, will help anyone that wants to ~start~
to Play this beautiful Instrument called:
Guitar! ;)

Join thousands of Guitar Friends on Facebook and ~share~ our collective knowledge:


Classical Guitar Lesson: Study in E-minor~ Play

Hey guys~ :)

'Here' I made a Playlist for my Guitar Friends, to first hear this beautiful Guitar Composition by Francisco Tárrega and following two full Video Lessons explaining the finger settings & Tabs, Mp3 AND metronome, are also available here:
(Also 'in' -each- of the Videos' description.) ;)

Make sure you comment & rate! :}

Thank you for your support throughout the years~

God Bless~
Sit back relax & enjoy~~~

Most of these Videos include Guitar Lessons and Downloadable Mp3 Tracks! :D


God Bless~
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