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Gordon McKernan

3D Big Truck Wreck Billboard | Personal Injury Lawyer | Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys

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The making of the 1st personal injury 3D [bigger than life] depiction of myself was an exciting prospect. Lamar approached me in mid 2013 about the 3D process and billboards. It took a lot of planning - but I decided the best way to portray the mission (to protect the right of those that have been injured by the fault of another) of Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys was for a bigger than life 3D display of myself on top of a big truck. My purpose was to let motorist know that there is someone watching over or watching out for the actions of these big trucks and someone will hold them accountable if they violate the safety rules and driving laws of the road. Show less
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Commercial Trucking Play

Involved in a commercial trucking accident? Then you need the experience of Gordon McKernan and Gordon McKernan Injury Lawyers. We are known for our trial background and fighting big insurance companies - Get Gordon! Get it Done! Call today for your FREE consultation and to find out your legal options at 225-888-8888 or 800-528-8888

Get Gordon! Get it Done! Play

I got Gordon and he got it done for me! I was injured in a car wreck - I didn't know what to do so I called Gordon for my FREE consultation; I was GLAD I did, the insurance company offered me hardly anything, after I Got Gordon - I got so much more for my injuries. Call Gordon today at 225-926-1234 or 800-673-5520!

Car Wrecks / Driving Play

Gordon knows car wrecks & 18-wheeler accidents. He also handles wrongful death, motorcycle accidents and other personal injury cases. If you have questions, call Gordon today for your FREE consultation at 225-888-8888 or toll free 800-528-8888 you can also visit us online at http://www.getgordon.com.
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