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Patient Story: Pediatric Transplant Surgery and Living Donor Program (The Fawcett Family)

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About eight weeks after she was born, Serena was diagnosed with biliary atresia. The conclusion was that she was going to need a life saving liver transplant. MedStar Georgetown determined that Serena's father, Miles, was a candidate for the liver donation. Dr. Thomas Fishbein, MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute surgeon removed 13% of Miles' liver to replace Serena's entire liver.

The nursing staff through the whole process was amazing and supported the Fawcett family with both the physical needs of their daughter, as well as their emotional needs. Dr. Stuart Kaufman was another vital part of the team, and truly showed the Fawcell family how compassionate he was about Serena and her health.

The Fawcett family is thankful every day for this new perspective on life and the second chance that they have been given.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 202-342-2400. http://medstargeorgetown.or... Show less
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