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Managing Nuclear Power on a Dynamic Earth

190 views 2 months ago
The May London Lecture was by Neil Chapman.

In this lecture, we took a look at what scientists are doing to pinpoint and assess tectonic hazards to nuclear facilities worldwide. We visited nuclear power plants that have had to respond to actual or potential hazards from nearby volcanoes, active faults and tsunamis, and looked at the stories behind them -- some of which stretch back many decades.

We looked at the problems Japan's energy supply is facing today as its nuclear regulatory authorities try to reassess seismic hazards at power plants across the country.

Then, looking thousands of years into the future, we looked at what scientists are doing to evaluate tectonic hazards to the deeply buried radioactive wastes from these power plants -- along with the possible deep impacts of Earth's next ice age. In tracing these stories, we visited many parts of our planet, including California, India, Japan, Nevada, the Philippines, Sweden and our own UK coastline. Show less
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