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Ward 21 feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn - Mic Magician (Album: Still Disturbed)

30,404 views 7 months ago
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Filmed & Directed by Don McGregor of Banks Exposure

Edited by Robert Soujon

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Here is the official video for "Mic Magician" - the first single from the upcoming WARD 21 album "Still Disturbed". The clip was shot at SHAGGYs "Big Yard" studio.

The song was very well received world wide, creating waves in New York's Eastvillage Radio on Sveriges Radio Stockholm or London's BBC Radio 1 already and getting strong support from the international soundsystem fraternity.

WARD 21 recently officially launched their new Artiste camp the BADA BADA GANG. Two "BBG" members are featured on "Mic Magician" singer/rapper MARCY CHIN and rapper/deejay DEEWUNN. Based on the ever fresh "Heavenless" Riddim "Mic Magician" features a sample of the "Original Don Dada" SUPER CAT making it both a statement and an instant Dancehall favourite.


Title: Mic Magician
Artiste: Ward 21 feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn
Producer: Kunley McCarthy for Wiletunes/Germaica Digital
Format: Single (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr.: finetunes
Release: Nov27 2013

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Buy link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/xleration-riddim-ep/id7717­20196

Xleration Megamix by Federation Sound: https://soundcloud.com/germaica/various-xleration-riddim-fed­eration-mix

After almost 15 years of label history and global smashs like the "Doctor's Darling" and the "Cure" Riddim, and TANYA STEPHENS monster hit "It's A Pity" or T.O.K.s "Shining Star", today we release the 20th GERMAICA Riddim! For the "Xleration Riddim" Leipzig based Dancehall Soundsystem UPLIFTMENT INT'L and upcoming producer TINY DAWSON joint forces to deliver a firmly Reggae rooted Instrumental which as well easily bridges the gap to nowadays sound aesthetics and arrangements.

Label chief PIONEAR digged deep in the label vaults and came back with a 2003 VYBZ KARTELL called "Marihuana Gone To Bed" to contribute to this jubilee release. AGENT SASCO sounds really "Michael Jackson-ish" on his "Universal Language (Love)" while the pre release single "High Grade" is another Ganja anthem by Dancehall Veteran MR. G aka GOOFY alongside Jamaican newcomer VERSHON and Ugandan Superstar BOBI WINE. The last song represents the growing European Dancehall fraternity with Bosno-Suedes SANJIN & YOUTHMAN and their entertaining "For A While" which is as well part of their debut EP "Balkan Dancehall (GERMAICA DIGITAL).


Title: Xleration Riddim
Artiste: Various
Producer: Upliftment Int'l / Tiny Dawson
Format: Album (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr.: finetunes
Release: Dec17 2013



Videos of the Balkan Dancehall Queens LAS BALKANIERAS * Official Videos * Live Shows * Jingles

For bokkings please write an email to: booking@germaica.net

LAS BALKANIERAS are 3 beautiful women that can write hits, sing, dance, cook, wash and clean... They are originating from Croatia, Bosnia and Russia but currently residing in Düsseldorf/Germany...

They are not stupid and so they teamed up with PIONIR aka PIONEAR - Europe's most prolific Dancehall producer - to create a unique sound for their outlet. To conquer the world they combine an appealing appearance with references to their cultural heritage and a charming view on the nowadays role of women in general...

In 2009 their first recording "CIRIBIRIBELA" for the reknowned GERMAICA label of their producer won LAS BALKANIERAS the prestigeous Newcomer Award" at SPLIT ´09 Croatia's No.1 song-festival. They also performed a surprise gig infront of more than 14.000 people at „Kontra Regula" the memorial concert for Croatian Funk legend DINO DVORNIK and biggest crowd-puller that summer on the Mediterranean coast of Croatia.

The following TV- and radio-interviews, shows all over the Dalmatian coast and serious airplay for the debut single stirred the interest of the biggest local record labels and lead up to the album release "FOOD LOVE MUSIC" in 2010 with the local major label CROATIA RECORDS made them a well-known guest in the upper segment of the local Radio Charts. The videos for "CIRIBIRIBELA" and "MOJE PLAVE OCI" were on heavy rotation on MTV Adria and all other local TV stations.

2011 the Singles "KALINKA", "WHAT'S COOKING?" and "YU GO!" were released for the European market and countless club shows and summer festivals played. And no matter if in Paris, Moskau, Brüssel, Berlin, Gothenburg, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Bristol, Zagreb or Helsinki, the "Trio culinare" always left patrons with an appetite for more BALKAN TROPICAL MASH UP Style!

While working on brand nju material LAS BALKANIERAS just released their next single/video -- called "BUREK STAJL" which is a cooperation with Serbian Top Producers SHAZALAKAZOO.


Videos of Bosno-Swedish Balkan Dancehall Duo SANJIN & YOUTHMAN * Official Videos * Live Shows * Jingles

For bokkings outside of Scandinavia please write an email to: booking@germaica.net
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