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GENBAND Network Transformation - Operating Expenses Paid Program

698 views 2 months ago
Bottom Line: A 50% reduction in communications energy use alone would save over $31 billion dollars a year. How can you start saving? Let GENBAND do the work for you -- helping you transition your aging network to IP. WE CAN TAKE MULTIPLE FLOORS OF CENTRAL OFFICE EQUIPMENT down to a few racks - culminating in an 85% reduction in total cost --- the savings pay for the conversion. With your new network you can now offer services like: Unified communications, mobile apps, and Internet-enabled communications.
Freed up space can easily be converted into a datacenter with efficient cooling systems, offering cloud-based services and network virtualization.
Only with GENBAND can you reduce your environmental footprint, and have it pay for itself at the same time: a capital-intensive transformation is now a no-money-down, operating-expenses-paid program - entirely funded by reduced costs.

Get your 31 Billion dollars back and prepare your network for the future of communications.
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