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Someone  You  Can't  Replace  ;  ErenMikasa

587 views 3 weeks ago
"I won't even be able to remember you anymore"

(Please Watch in HD!!!!)

This is a song that I've wanted to use for a very long time. It was on the fence with either AOT, KH, and Naruto. They all could fit. But KH.. I dont want to over use Xions death scene etc and Naruto.. well im saving a Naruto video for later. SOooo Attack on Titan was my best bet and I picked right! ahaha Everything just seemed to fall in line perfectly in this video! The clips did most of the work.

Also this would mark the 2nd video in my little Triology thing.
-There are 3 songs that are just examples of how I edit when I listen to them. They're just amazing, and Im trying to make a video for all three of them.

1 - All I Want - Naruto
2 - Fix You - Attack on Titan
3 - ??? - Kingdom Hearts/Naruto

Song:Fix You
Artist: Coldplay
Best Part IMO: (2:31 - End)
Worst Part IMO: (0:28 - 0:34)
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 10
Editor: FurySp4rk

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  • Someone  You  Can't  Replace  ;  ErenMikasa

    • 3 weeks ago
    "I won't even be able to remember you anymore"

    (Please Watch in HD!!!!)

    This is a song that I've wanted to use for a very long time. It was on the...
  • almost everything;

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    "I'll come back to you"

    I've had this video stored away for quiet some time. I was gonna ask a few friends to beta test but then I was like naww, upload it and see what happ...
  • This is War | 戦い

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    "That was the day humanity realized...."

    I was on the internet and kept seeing this anime pop up, and the first though that came to mind was "pst, looks like every other anim...
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    "You could be happy"

    Honestly, this idea hit me late at night, and I ended up finishing the entire thing the next morning. Its a short video centering around Axel. De...
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    "I remember....Everything."

    Roxas lived two lives.
    Both in which had things in common. Roxas lived these two different lives in the same town, following the same trend/...
  • T e a m S e v e n ~ カイチモ - トイヒイミ

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    Spoiler Alert!!
    *for anyone who hasn't caught up to episode 359*

    Its been a long time since I've editied to a fast paced song like this, and with Naurto. So this style is stil...

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