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Chacko-Mauwa forest at night time - Nucleotide | Game development diary #23

963 views 3 weeks ago
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Ivan Mnadć
Programming, Art, Game design, Video editing, Production

Davor Šimunović
Background music, Sounds

In this development diary we are taking a look at the Chacko-Mauwa forest at night. You will be able to see a speed modeling of a tree in blender, a time lapse video.
Some of your old favorite death traps got sound, and you will be able to hear those as well.
Not to forget, Jon Snow the cutest cat in the world, at the beginning of the video. :) Show less
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This is game engine development diary done by Ivan Mandić. I am a young developer, and I am working on my 3D game engine. Leave a comment or subscribe and give me support.

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Thanks to Indies Crash E3 we were able to send 4 people E3; Unfortunately, Ivan (Developer of Nucleotide) wasn't able to go, but his friend Isaac offered to promote Nucleotide in his name. This is his journey
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