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Dawn of Aquagallus - Nucleotide | Game development diary #20

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Featuring: Ivan Mandić
Talking about: Aquagallus
Background music by Davor Šimunović

All characters, events and elements appearing in this video are ficticious. Any resemblance to actual ones, living or dead is purely coincidental.
Everything you are about to see is in early stages of development, and it will improve or completely change in the future.
Today we want to get you to know Gorfs first enemy, a water chicken life form named Aquagallus.
As most of their kind, aquagallus is a harmless frightful creature that swims away in terror as Gorf approaches it.
Before we explain the meaning of it's existence, we'd like you to remember Gorf's tongue ram attack from the previous development diary.
Game is meant to feature different creative means of progress, and Gorf is allowed to yank an Aquagallus using his tongue and use it as a projectile by spitting it out.
As a consequence, the creature is destroyed.
You can also dive while holding your projectile, which is to be expected quite often later in the game.
Other than that, you can chase them into death traps or spit them around for fun, whatever sets you sadistic needs at ease.
It's important to let you know that a specific animation regarding a spitting feature is lacking but will be added in the future. In the meantime, enjoy Aquagallus' feathery demise.
This video is also a demonstration of precise aiming capabilities using a gamepad as it is recorded while using one. Show less
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