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Why Shakespeare Matters

2,031 views 10 months ago
Folger theater artists, scholars, students and teachers look at the enduring appeal of Shakespeare and why we still care about what a writer from 400 years ago has to say to us today. Show less
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Folger Exhibition: Nobility and Newcomers Play

Nobility and Newcomers in Renaissance Ireland examines the cultural history of early-modern Ireland's social groups, and sheds light on the process of change that led to an intermingling of cultures and gave rise to the Ireland still familiar today.

Folger Theatre: Henry V Play

Folger Theatre's production of Shakespeare's rousing history play, Henry V, explores the cost of leadership for a young king.

Students and Shakespeare Play

Shakespeare is for kids! See it in action and get students on their feet with performance-based teaching strategies from Folger Education, a national leader in humanities education. To learn more, please visit www.folger.edu/education
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