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FluttershyElsa .

PMV - The Hot Rocks Pony Polka-video VIII

16,910 views 1 week ago
Wow... I'm in awe! During the time of the last Pony Polka I made, Weird Al actually DID appear on the show as Cheese Sandwich! That's amazing!! I'm so happy that I sort-of was the the nudge to that direction that eventually made Al to appear on the show. Pinkie Pride is up to date my favorite episode and probably will be for the rest of the series as far as it may go. Anyways... as you've noticed from the title, this is NOT That's What I Call Polka that was released a while back. I have plans to do all of the polka medleys eventually, so you'll just have to wait for it. I remember somepony who was well known for her honesty say that good things are much better when they're a... rarity. ;)
As always, I didn't make any of the pictures that are featured in the fast montage at the end. I'm very sorry for the potato-quality live action section at the end. I really had nothing better to record since my video camera was away and that was really the only good moment when I had the opportunity to record the footage needed.
...oh yeah! Find Derpy! Her brief appearance in the intro as a filly doesn't count.
Let's hope that Season 5 starts soon since I sure did have a blast with Season 4!
Thanks for all the support you fans have given me, I really appreciate it!
-FluttershyElsa, 17.7.2014

The song is The Hot Rocks Polka by "Weird Al" Yankovic

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Super Ponybeat [with ponies singing] Play

This playlist features all Super Ponybeat remixes I've made, where the ponies singing the lyrics.
Of course I can't take all the credit since most of the original songs were made by Eurobeat Brony aka OdysseyEurobeat here in youtube.
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