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Flow Science, Inc.

FLOW-3D has many applications for the hydraulics industry, including modeling fish passages, dam breaks, spillways, avalanches, hydroelectric power and other water and environmental engineering challenges.Users can increase the capacity of existing infrastructure in hydropower plants, develop novel approaches to fish passages, design intakes that minimize head loss, develop improved forebay designs and tailrace flows, analyze scour and deposition and evaluate air entrainment. For more information about the many applications of FLOW-3D for the water & environmental industry, visit http://www.flow3d.com/apps/hydraulics/water-environmental-en­gineering.html.

Fluid Structure Interaction Play

FLOW-3D's Fluid Structure Interaction, Thermal Stress Evolution and General Moving Objects models simulates fluid-structure interaction in a variety of applications, from inkjets to metal casting.

FLOW-3D CFD Software Simulations Play

View the Flow Science Channel collection of simulations that show FLOW-3D in action. Flow modeling CFD simulations in this group include examples from the following industries: Biotechnology, Casting, Foundry, Hydraulics, Microfluidics, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Water & Environmental, Consumer Products, as well as some fun and interesting applications of CFD software.

FLOW-3D/MP v5 Video Tutorials Play

These video tutorials demonstrate step-by-step how to install, set up, run and schedule simulations using FLOW-3D/MP v5 on Linux clusters. For more information about FLOW-3D/MP, visit www.flow3d.com/mp.
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