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Tifa's Milkshake

705 views 3 years ago
I made this when I was stuck on the new Gimme More videos ( http://www.youtube.com/watc... ), and thought it'd be fun to use this as an intro video.

Unlike the previous intro video I made I should be using this, so look out for it in future vids :) Show less
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My Videos Play

Just all of my videos, in order of release (with the exception of the intro video). Enjoy, if possible ^_^

Final Fantasy VII vs Monkey Island Play

Final Fantasy meets the classic adventure game series Monkey Island. Starring Cloud, Aerith and Sephiroth. If you like Clerith, CloudxSephi and SephixAerith, or just FF characters having new voices dubbed over, give this series a try :)

Gimme More: The Stalker Chronicles Play

Inspired by Tifa's scary antics in Kingdom Hearts 2. Tifa loves Cloud or at least her vision of him, and she'll do anything to make him hers. Warning: contains anti Cloti, all in "good" humour ^_^
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