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N-gage Intro for upcoming league

1,153 views 1 year ago
We all know how it feels when you are playing matchmaking constantly but it feels like you are stuck. The skill level of players you are facing is not even close to yours, as well as your teammates are just horrible. What does it even help to report them, they just get muted and 1 week later you are playing with them again because they are in the same matchmaking-pool.

n-gage.tv wants to break this circle. We want high quality games as well as we want a community with a competitive mindset. We are not talking random, we bring you the change to Dota 2 Matchmaking:

Experience a whole new way of matchmaking at the n-gage.tv League! To enter, you need at least 300 games at Dota 2 Matchmaking because we want to have people in our league which obtained the basics and can use them properly. This rule protects the league from multi-accounting as well, which is considered a big problem these days. In addition, to guarantee a friendly environment, we have strict rules against flaming, bad manners, leaving and blaming. Moreover we offer a system which adjust itself with up- and downvotes after each game.

The amount of up- and downvotes decide if you are bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond classified, each of them, except diamond, which is considered the best of the best, has 5 sub-divisions. Each of these sub-divisions is considered as one matchmaking-pool to provide equal teams which are playing against each other.

This league shall be the place, where the best of the best can prove their skill, as well as people, who wants to get on the top, can work on their skill with people which are on an equal level. To support that, we offer comprehensive statistics. Also, we separated each Region (EU, RU, US, China and Australia & New Zealand) to provide quality in communication and ping. Last but not least, there will be prices to win at the end of each season as well as for little tournaments and events.

You want to join? Just register yourself and stay tuned, more news are coming up in the next few days!

Btw. if you might wonder: We are not associated with Keita-League in any way.

Website : http://n-gage.tv and http://forum.n-gage.tv
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user...
Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/FearSC
Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/i...
SteamGroup : http://steamcommunity.com/g...
Duxter : http://duxter.com/FearSC
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