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Fat Man Unleashed Videos

Fat Man Unleashed Workout Videos Play

My Personal Workout, Fitness, and Exercise Videos

Welcome to my workout videos section. I took the liberty of creating a centralized place for all of the workout and exercise related videos I will be creating of myself.

Now remember: I am not a professional cameraman and I don't own any special equipment or editing software for this. Some of the videos may seem choppy, but I tried my best. ;)

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the workout videos.

2011 Weekly Weight Loss Video Diary Play

This is my 2011 weekly weight loss video diary vlog. I will be posting a weekly video for 52 weeks this year. It will show how I feel as I work my way though losing the last pounds I want to lose along my journey and into my maintenance mode. I'll talk about my fitness, emotions, diet, and everything else that comes up. This is not scripted, just me sitting in front of a camera once a week and talking about what comes to mind for that week.

Thanks for your support.
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