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Hey person who isn't subscribed to Fast Lane Daily yet! If you want daily car news done differently and in a fun way, then this is your show! You don't even have to LOVE cars to enjoy it! Derek D and crew bring an entertaining spin on the mostly boring auto news world. Besides daily news, FLD goes to auto shows around the country and the world, including countless SPECIAL episodes, with guests, locations, etc. Appreciate you stopping by and hit that subscribe button, thanks!

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Check out the latest car reviews and test-drives by the Fast Lane Daily Team. We take a look at the exterior, interior and performance of each vehicle we test and have a lot of fun while doing it!

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Auto Show Coverage by Fast Lane Daily is probably the best way to visit an auto show online. We take our cameras around the whole show to introduce you to the newest cars coming to the market. Hey, video is much better than just seeing a bunch of images.

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