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Extant Dodos Productions

Hovindism of the Week Play

Kent hovind and Creation Science Evangelism have made a lot of claims against science over the years. In this weekly series, we will be going through them one-by-one until we cover each and every fallacy, error, and outright lie.

HHMI Holiday Lecture Series 2006 Play

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute's 2006 Holiday Lectures on Science series. In part 1, Dr. Douglas A. Melton discusses embryonic stem cells and their role in development. In part 2, Dr. Nadia Rosenthal discusses adult stem cells and their role in regeneration of normal tissue. In part 3, Dr. Melton discusses approaches to utilize stem cells in medical treatment. In part 4, Dr. Rosenthal discusses the role stem cells play in aging. To conclude, Drs. Melton and Rosenthal are joined by Drs. Debra J.H. Matthews and Jonathan D. Moreno to discuss the ethical issues relating to embryonic research.

Critical Analysis of Kent Hovind Series Play

Our critical analysis videos detailing the numerous fallacies and errors made Kent Hovind and Creation Science Evangelism in their attack on science.
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