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Sending Humans to Mars I Science In The City I Exploratorium

9,042 views 2 weeks ago
What would it take for humans to travel to and live on Mars—and who is daring enough to do it? In this episode, we explore the Mars One project, which is planning human settlement on the red planet, and hear from scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center about adjusting to the Martian environment. We also meet the brave Bay Area residents who are hoping to make this journey.

To see more episodes of Science in the City, please visit:
www.exploratorium.edu/sciencei­nthecity Show less
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Science in the City I Online Video Series I Exploratorium Play

Urban environments like San Francisco are full of mysterious natural and human-made phenomena. Why are there so many one-footed pigeons? Where does the sewage go? Why is our "summer" in May and September? The Exploratorium is "taking it outside" to explore these and other questions in engineering, ecology, optics, waves, geology, architecture, weather, and more. Look for new episodes on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 3pm PST.

Learn more about the series at http://www.exploratorium.edu/scienceinthecity

AFTER DARK at the Exploratorium Play

After Dark is an adult evening program at the Exploratorium on the first Thursday of every month that mixes cocktails, conversation, and adult-oriented programming in science and the arts. Each night showcases a different theme, which might include live performances, films, and new media, or feature cutting-edge technology and unexpected extravaganzas. Programs are playful, unique, and content-rich, addressing the science behind topics of adult interest—from gambling, alcohol, fashion, and sex to extreme sports and gaming. Not a theater, a cabaret, or a gallery, Exploratorium After Dark involves aspects of all three, with a mood unlike anything else in San Francisco.

To learn more about Exploratorium After Dark, visit http://www.exploratorium.edu/afterdark

Driven: True Stories of Inspiration Play

How are creative investigations sparked? What does a state of inspiration feel like? Can inspiration be transmitted from person to person? Join us for an audio slide show series that explores the fascinating world of how we work creatively, and presents the human stories behind creative accomplishments.

To see the complete series, please visit:


Explainers Play

Explainers are students from the Bay Area and from around the world who come together to participate in a teaching and learning experience at the Exploratorium— a museum of science, art, and human perception. Explainers learn exhibits, facilitate visitor-exhibit interaction and support general museum operations.

See more information about The Explainers at the official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/theexplainers

To learn more about the Exploratorium Explainer pogram, visit http://www.exploratorium.edu/about/our_story/explainers/
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