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Introducing ExaGrid's EX21000E | Data Backup without Compromise

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ExaGrid Systems has developed the only - next generation disk backup solution that was driven with input from IT professionals. What you told us you wanted and needed was:

-the shortest backup window
-a backup window that does not grow as your data grows
-the fastest restores, tape copies and recoveries from a disaster
-and, the lowest cost solution upfront and over time.

With your requirements in mind we built something truly innovative that solved all your backup problems.ExaGrid has the only disk backup solution utilizing a unique GRID architecture that will continue to grow as your data grows.

Each appliance, in the GRID, has processor, memory, bandwidth and disk, a true scale-out solution. This allows ingest to increase in parallel with data growth resulting in the fastest backups, the backup window being fixed in time and the elimination of expensive fork lift upgrades. ExaGrid also has a unique landing zone where we keep the most recent backups in their complete form enabling fast restores and fast tape copies

With the advent of virtualized environments, a new requirement for instant recovery has emerged. ExaGrid is leading the way by simply allowing the VM to be booted from the ExaGrid in seconds to minutes allowing users to continue working. All other solutions take hours to do what we can do in minutes.

Adding to our GRID scalability story, we are excited to introduce our newest and largest appliance, the EX21000E which can be mixed and matched with our other appliances in a single GRID. Each appliance has 42TB usable and can take in a 21TB full backup

You can have 10 - 21000E appliances, in a single GRID that can handle up to a 210TB full backup. Each appliance has an ingest rate of 4.32 TB per hour and with 10 appliances in a GRID that equates to a unsurpassed ingest rate of 43.2TB per hour.

The 21000E:

-is our biggest appliance to date

-has our fastest ingest rate

-and is our lowest price per TB

ExaGrid's 5 commitments to you are:

-that you will have the shortest backup window

-that your backup window will not grow as the data grows

-that you will have the fasted restores, fastest tape copies and fastest recovery from a disaster

-that your VM instant recoveries will occur in minutes

And that you will have the lowest cost solution upfront and over time.

No fork lift upgrades.

No obsolescence.

And ExaGrid's price guarantee: that what ever price you pay up front for an appliance that price will never be increased.

ExaGrid Systems' 5 commitments take the risk out of backup, no other solution can make this claim.

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