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Dr. Ether

TF2: Meet the Voice Actor - The Heavy and The Demoman (Gary Schwartz)

522,595 views 3 years ago
Hey-hey! I'm Dr. Ether of EtherCast! [EXPAND FOR MUSIC AND MORE INFO]

Music used:
Intro and Outro: Legacy - Vince DiCola

Aloha, folks. I'm here once again with another entry into the TF2 Meet the Voice Actor series, this time with a video on Gary Schwartz.

This highlight reel features such performances as Heavy, Demoman, his appearances on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and as a transvestite. Yep. Schwartz has quite the vocal range, as you'll see in this video.

Also, yesterday marks one year since Captain Lou's passing. This bears mentioning, as he appears a couple of times in the video, and he was always my personal favorite as it pertains to Mario voice actors, so R.I.P. Captain. Show less
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(Completed) TF2 Meet the Voice Actor series Play

Hi everybody! I'm Dr. Ether, and this is my video series highlighting the voice actors of Valve's hit first-person-shooter Team Fortress 2. I finally finished the series, and the gang is all here! Medic, Heavy, Demoman, Scout, Spy, Pyro, Sniper, Soldier, Engineer, and even the Administrator!
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