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Alien Territory (Original song by James Cronin)

7,274 views 9 months ago
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You know when you wake up and you've been teleported onto Mars without any explanation? This song is for you.

I haven't been able to make music for a little while, I graduated from university (finally!) and had a little trouble finding a house to live in, but I've finally got one with a couple mates, so I can make music again! The trouble is that my computer keeps crashing and won't respond to MIDI any more. Two steps forwards, one step back, and all that.

Roland Juno 6 as arpeggio, plinky plinks, strings
Moog Little Phatty as bass, chorus brass
Roland TR-707 as drums
Epiphone Casino guitar and Fender Blues Junior amp as themselves
My Hands as handclaps and fingersnaps
...and introducing Yamaha DX7 as koto and marimba (aw yeah)

Simon's drawings and his words slowly fill up a page
His eyes are heavy and lately he's been feeling his age
It's been a month now since he woke up on the surface of Mars
With just a notebook for company and an excellent view of the stars

I'm not entirely sure I'll ever get used to this
But I'm here now so I'm trying to make the most of it
There's so much to see though I have to get by on foot
But I've got plenty of time and space in my scrapbook

Simon wonders about the things on Earth that he never did
He thinks of a scenario and watches it on a screen in his head
He goes for lunch in Beijing and drinks tea in Hong Kong
He tries his best to imagine but he's probably wrong

There's a lot of things I never got round to
And a lot of things I never learnt how to do
And lots of people I'm really going to miss
And a lot of girls I wish I could have kissed
I never found out what I'd grow up to be
I never had the chance to start a family
I never before been so far from my home
And I can't get great reception on my phone
Nothing but rocks as far as I can see
I guess you could call it a change of scenery
I'm an alien in alien territory
My life on Earth is ancient history
Even now I'm not quite used to this
It's been a long long time but I made the most of it
I'm older now and I can't get by on foot
Tonight I'll fill in the final page of my scrapbook

All alone he got old
And it's cold out in the solar system
Oh, and it shows
Simon knows he don't look human no more
He survived, he got by
He tried the best he could try
With a sigh, closed his eyes
Lies down on the rocks and he dies Show less
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