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7. Welcome to Ryan's YouTube page

9,553 views 1 month ago
This is a little introduction video to my YouTube page and to http://www.ieltsnetwork.com, which is the website where you can submit your writing and speaking samples for me and others to assess.

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Step 2 - Learn to apply Task 1 and 2 structure to your writing by watching these model responses Play

The videos in the Step 2 playlist demonstrate how to execute what you've learned in Step 1.

Step 3 - Use these ongoing lessons to strengthen your grammar, lexical resources and overall coherence Play

This playlist is an evolving collection of IELTS videos designed to strengthen all areas of your writing. If you have made it through Step 1 and 2, you should now be regularly receiving feedback on your practice Task 1 and 2 attempts. Watch the welcome video to this playlist for information on how to do this.

Appendix B - Ryan's interviews with successful IELTS takers Play

This playlist is a group of the recorded conversations I have carried out with successful IELTS candidates.

Appendix D - Ryan's retired videos (older videos no longer included in this YouTube course) Play

Most of the videos in this playlist have been remade. The information present in these videos is still relevant; however, the visual quality of several of these videos is lacking.
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