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Milo vs. Buddy (A Parakeet and His Toy)

3,329 views 1 year ago
Milo the parakeet/budgie vs. the plastic bird Buddy - his evil nemesis and sweetheart. Show less
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Regeneration & a New Life Play

Videos of something or someone alive or brought to life, then living as one kind of thing, and later being born again into a new life as new creation. [By putting a video in this playlist I am not saying that what's being talked about or shown in each of these videos accurately describes the experience or process of people being born again, nor, am I claiming that any of these clips were originally created for that purpose.]

Evangelism & Theology Play

Specially selected videos regarding Christian evangelism and theology. I learned something from each video or found them especially effective, educational, demonstrative or concise. Thank you to their creators and/or uploaders! God Bless You!

One Existing As Multiples Play

None of this is meant to be visual or intellectal representational of what the trinitarian God is really like. That would be heretical. It does, however, illustrate how ONE BEING (in this case mere humans, or light streams, etc.) might possibly exist as multiples.
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