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Magic EDH Building on a Budget - Reaper King

43,954 views 4 years ago
Continuing our EDH deck interview series at Anthem Games, we bring you a budget-friendly Reaper King five-color build featuring Brent Friel. Magic: The Gathering offers options for frugal-minded players in the Elder Dragon Highlander format in both mono- and multi-colored decks. The featured build focuses on permanent destruction and five-color mayhem!

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The Original Elder Dragon Highlander Play

So we were at the historical front of the grassroots player movement that spawned Magic the Gathering's Commander format. It was originally called EDH and these are some of my favorite classics from 2009. Enjoy the history and videos that helped start it all. These are the original most hated generals. While many cards were eventually banned, the decks are still the foundation for the original EDH metagame.
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