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Shakespeare Stand

216 views 2 months ago
Standing in front of the famous bookshop Shakespeare & Company. Founded in 1951 by american George Whitman. Watch the background closely ;-)

Wiki page on Shakespeare & Co.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... Show less
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ed editz art videos Play

These are all the 'artistic' videos I produced on this channel, all starting with my username. Each video centers around a single theme or experience of mine.

Morse's Oxford Play

A tour of the film locations used in the ITV series 'Inspector Morse'. I visited Oxford in July 2011 and spent 5 days there filming all sorts of Morse locations and pubs. I hope you like this look at Oxford from a different angle.

EdEditz AfterEffects Tutorials. Play

My After Effects video tutorials. You can read text versions of these tutorials, which have more detail in them too, on my aftereffects tutorial blog site here: http://aftereffectstutorials.blog.com
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