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Echo Movement - Spaceship Earth, featuring Buckminster Fuller (OFFICIAL)

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From the album "Love and the Human Outreach," on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us...
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Edited by John McGall (johnmcgall.com)
Produced by Stephen and David Fowler

Mike Berry (berryphotographics.net)
Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center (eol.jsc.nasa.gov/)
NOAA Ocean Media Center (www.noaa.gov)
Science Nation / NSE (nsf.gov)
Mark Peters
Erik Eitel
Lee Todd
Paul Wags / Flykam (flykam.com.au)
FEMEN (femen.org/en)
Runer2009 (grasscollective.com, http://www.youtube.com/watc...)
David Fowler

Audio samples from Buckminster Fuller series "Everything I Know." For more information, visit www.bfi.org.

Special thanks to Tyler Keillor (tylerkeillor.com).

I drank in the ocean
Got high on the shore
Ate weird caps from the rainforest floor
Ran through the jungle till I found a door
And I'm a tripping anthropoid

Here on earth

I walked through a town
Rode to a sea
Sailed in a boat
Drove to New Jersey
Sold all of my time to be free
And I got it all figured out

Here on earth

No operator's manual
And everyone outweighs just what they're worth
Here on earth

"Later on, I invented a term, 'Spaceship Earth.'
I wanted to try very hard at all times to get society that I talked to, to think about the whole of that planet always to think in planetary planning. And, so now we are beginning to bring together geoscopes, seeing the whole earth, seeing and feeling those resources, thinking about how we integrate, taking the information you and I have as of this moment, and we have some very extraordinary information at this moment. Think, we really can put those satellites there, we can do some incredible things, and we better start doing them." (from EIK - Session 9, Part 12)

"The biggest acceleration in our technology has been...in the development of weapons for warfare on the basis of the...assumed inadequacy of life support on board our planet, due to man's being born ignorant and really not knowing enough about what is really going on." (from EIK - Session 3, Part 1)

And your made-up laws I hate because
I wont live by your god
I was born free
So I pack my bags and run down to the sea

Oh my love, this is goodbye
My peaceful morning summer sky
And tell my mom I love her so
I'll never leave, but I have to go Show less
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