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Rekoil TDM [66-12] - first time with a sniper rifle

233 views 5 months ago
My 4th round in total and first one with a sniper rifle in this game. That's why I've been pretty bad in the first minutes :D

Rekoil has the potential to be a very good, simple FPS game. I like it that there are no unlocks, no other gimmicks than pure infantry gameplay and the fact that everyone is able to play with all loadouts from the start.
It needs a few patches though, as the spawns can be kinda tricky, pings can be quite high (even on servers not that far away), and the gameplay itself can feel a bit clunky (My framerate dropped a few times in this video due to recording, but was between 50 and 70 fps most of the time).
They also need to add some spray when firing weapons from the hip, because as of now, they seem to have the same accuracy when firing from the hip as when aiming down the sights - even on long range. Also the hitboxes feel kinda huge.
Game also comes with a map-editor, which i haven't tried yet though.
And it lacks players...

Played at low settings because my PC pretty much sucks and I'd like to have at least 60fps while recording. Show less
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