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Hotel Management School: what are Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) students?

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http://link.ehl.edu/12S7hEe - What are Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (hotel management school) students? Only a select few attend the famous hotel management school in Switzerland...

EHL lesson number three hundred twenty seven.
These are our Students: They are too young and too beautiful to be
smart and that's why they want to study.
On this planet, out of seven billion individuals only a hundred and fifty one million of students and only a tiny percentage of those will become part of the Grande Family of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne better known as EHL.

Here are EHL students: while they study they will have to shed the hip and trendy clothes and put on something a little more presentable.

"Mais c'est trop pas la mode à Paris quoi!?!" Yes, but this is not Paris this is Switzerland. Here you will find banks, clocks, mountains, chocolates and EHL.
EHL was founded in 1893 by Jacques Tschumi. The same year, Guy De Maupassant died, Mao Tsé Toung was born, New Zealand achieve for universal suffrage and the new york stock exchange crash!
That did not stop people coming to Switzerland for their vacations. For only there, can you find the world-famous Swiss sense of hospitality.

The Swiss sense of hospitality is a subset of "savoir-être": the knowledge and practice of rules of politeness. Out of seven billion individuals of which a hundred and fifty one million are students, only a select few will learn the "savoir-être" to become the hospitality leaders of tomorrow.

EHL is not a cooking school! It is a management school. Here students will not learn how to cook tomatoes but how to make them attractive for the clients. Today, EHL teaches over eighteen hundred students from almost ninety different countries how to make tomatoes
attractive and please their clients. In a hundred and twenty years, EHL have trained over twenty five thousand students. In a hundred and twenty years, The World
has known the liberal, democratic, soviet, cultural, sexual, February, October, August, spring, jasmine and velvet revolution.

But EHL is still the number one hospitality management school in the World. It is not number one for the sake of being number one. It is number one so that you can be number one!

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EHL Executive Education Programme Play

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne Executive Education has designed a variety of hospitality management programmes to keep the industry organisations competitive. These programmes are targeted at progressive middle and senior executives and tackle priority issues in the business environment through various streams.

Our Learning Philosophy

We base our learning on the Guru-Shishya philosophy, an ancient Indian tradition where the Shishya (disciples) lives with the Guru (teacher) until he has gained the explicit and tacit knowledge the Guru embodies.

Comparable to this, Lausanne Executive Education cohorts are small to ensure quality module leader-participant interaction. Our module leaders include EHL senior faculty, external industry experts and LHC consultants, all dedicated to guarantee that the participants are getting the best available in the industry.

Our selection of participants ensures that the transfer of knowledge and the global experience meets their learning needs through designed modules which target real problems to finding real solutions.

Further to this philosophy, we foster lifelong learning, reflected through our "Proficiency in Hospitality Management" (PHM) Advanced Certification. This certification is awarded to hospitality executives upon the completion of 20 days of Lausanne Executive Education with LHC within 3 years time. To reflect the ephemeral nature of knowledge in today's world, this certificate is valid for 5 year.
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